Serbian Language Course for Foreigners


If you want to get to know Serbian culture better and make your stay in Serbia easy and memorable, learning Serbian will be a huge help. Serbian grammar is one of the most difficult in the world, the language itself is always evolving, new words are constantly being added, spelling rules are changing but this should not be an obstacle on your way to learning this remarkable language.

With sufficient commitment and effort, as well as with the help of expert teachers, you will succeed in gaining necessary knowledge and start speaking this interesting language, which is why we suggest you visit “Djuro Salaj“ foreign language school, located in the very heart of the city in Nemanjina Street 28. In cooperation with this school, which is one of the best Belgrade language schools, we have prepared additional discounts for those who want to learn Serbian. For all those who sign up for one of the courses on our website we offer a special 25 % discount.

The goal of teaching Serbian as a second language is that students are able to:

  • master the language within the stipulated content and linguistic lexicon
  • use it in communicating with others, in oral as well as in written communication
  • understand the elements of the culture of people who speak Serbian and thus enable them to jointly participate in various aspects of social and cultural life.

The program at “Djuro Salaj” school is designed in such a way that students can actively participate in the adoption of grammar rules and at the same time develop reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Classes are in English in most cases but it is possible to be given a lesson in some of other languages that the school offers: French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish and others.

The certificate that students acquire after passing the final exam at “Djuro Salaj” school is a confirmation of the acquired knowledge and is recognized at all Serbian universities.